Transport demo project

This project was designed to demonstrate how Sapelli XML works. We chose the transport topic for two reasons: Firstly, most people can relate to it and secondly, the urban context should illustrate that Sapelli has not been exclusively designed for use in remote areas. This hypothetical case is for people to collect data on the modes of transport they use.

Start by downloading the Transport Demo v2.3 project file. If using a computer, transfer the project to your Android device using the same steps listed on the Download and install Sapelli page for the APK file.

Alternatively, you can download the project directly onto your phone and load it by scanning this QR code.  (Note you will need to have downloaded an app which can read QR codes to do so, such as Barcode Scanner which is compatible with Sapelli).


Who are the users?

Any citizen who wishes to participate in data collection by providing information on what form of transport they use.

Project layout

The images below illustrate all the possible pictorial options that may appear on a user’s device. At every stage, each choice the user makes will determine which image appears next. The arrows illustrate the direction of flow.



Project XML

Here you can find the code for this project. Comments have been included in italics in order to guide you through the XML file.