A Project element contains all declarations in the PROJECT.xml file. In other words, everything you write in your PROJECT.xml file will go between the beginning and ending Project tags. There can only be one Project element per PROJECT.xml file. Nevertheless, a single Project can contain multiple data-collection Forms.

The above code is for a project called “ProjectName” with a version number “1.2” an ID number of “101” and a default language of British English.


The table below displays the XML documentation for all the attributes that can be included within the Project tag.

Attribute Required Values Default Value Explanation
id Yes Unsigned whole numbers (24 bit) n/a ID for recognising this project.
name Yes Any text n/a Human-readable name of this project.
format No Unsigned whole numbers 2 The Sapelli XML version that was used to create this project.
variant No Any text n/a Text used to further differentiate projects (beyond name and version).
version No Any text 0 Version number of this project.
startForm No Any text (id of an existing Form) (first form) The first form (of those specified in the project XML file) to be displayed to the user. If this attribute is not present then the first form will be displayed by default.
defaultLanguage No Text representing a language according to the BCP-47 syntax (e.g. “fr-CA” for Canadian French) en (English) The language to use when displaying the project to the user (e.g. for text-to-speech synthesis). A warning will be produced if the project includes a feature that queries this attribute but the attribute was not specified. Note that languages can also be defined on a per-form basis.