The Sapelli Packager is a Windows and Mac OS tool that allows validating and packaging of Sapelli projects in an easy and user friendly way. This means that you can test whether your project will experience any issues when imported onto a device.

To start using the Packager, download the latest version for your operating system from our GitHub page.

After you open the Packager, you will find a screen like this:


Select the folder where your working directory is located by hitting the “Browse” button. For this example, we’ll be using the project Transport Demo:


After loading the project, the Packager will display various info about your project and let you know if everything in your project looks good:


If any problems exist, like for example, you forgot to add some images to your Sapelli project, the Packager will complain and let you know what you are missing:


Finally, the Packager will also let you know if you have coding (syntax) errors in your Sapelli XML file:


As a last step, you can click the “Package” button that will create a proper Sapelli project, ready to be loaded on your Sapelli app: