1.1. What is this course about?

This is a free course that introduces the Sapelli tools and how they work together to support data collection and analysis.

It is designed to support local assistants to create their own Sapelli projects, from design through to data collection and viewing. No prior knowledge of Sapelli is needed for this course.

1.2. What will your learn?

By the end of this course the learner will:

  • have an understanding of Geographic Citizen Science and the kinds of research it enables
  • have thought about their own research interests and needs, the tools they would need to carry this out and the pros/cons of undertaking this research
  • be able to draw a wireframe of the project they intend to carry out
  • know how to select and test images, icons and sound files for use in data collection
  • be able to create a project on Sapelli Designer
  • be able to run a project on Sapelli Collector
  • be able to visualise and analyse data on Sapelli Viewer 

1.3. How to use this course

This course provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the Sapelli tools, and the work that goes into creating a data collection project. Work through the resources provided at your own pace.

While we have tried to cover the most important points, there may be times when you need extra information. Don’t forget to use all the tools at your disposal, including searching online, if you get stuck. If you can’t find the answer or don’t know how to proceed, please get in touch with your ExCiteS contact.

Each section ends with a quiz to test your understanding and to help you direct your learning. Please discuss how to submit your answers with your ExCiteS contact.

It is expected that this course will be undertaken in conjunction with Training Session 2 (Community Protocols and Free, Prior and Informed Consent)