Before starting this section you should have completed Section 2: “Introduction to Citizen Science”

There are a few questions you will need to answer before you can start building your Sapelli project.

Think about your responses to the questions below. There is a template you can print and fill in at the bottom of the page.

3.1. What do you want to find out?

Ignore everything we said about geographic citizen science. What data collection project would you like to do or find helpful (it might not be geographic!)?

3.2. Why do you want to find this out?

Think about the reasons for collecting data on this subject. Why might collecting these data be useful? What might it help you find out, or what might it help you achieve?

3.3. What tools could be used/how could data be collected?

Which tool would be best suited? How would you design the project?

3.4. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

What might the advantages/disadvantages be of doing this particular project? For whom? 

Advantages for some might be disadvantages for others. What unexpected outcomes might this project produce?

3.5.  What are the benefits and risks?

What are the risks and benefits involved? Should you do it? If so, how should we protect you/others? Can any of this be built into the project itself?

Download and print the template below: